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The Shadow Puppets found here are not to be reproduced perfectly, on "one trial only"; but I believe that in each case the due position of the fingers has been drawn with such care, that the most difficult hand puppet subject may be accomplished after only a few minutes.

With a little ingenuity and some patience, new shadow puppets may be produced; and not unfrequently puppet figures appear that one never dreamed of attempting.

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Shadow Hand Puppet

Please enjoy these free hand shadow puppets and learn interesting facts on shadow puppets.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are created when a figure is placed between a light source (lightbulb, flashlight, or camp fire) and a white screen or blank wall. These shadows can be created using your hands or you can create puppet figures with cardboard, paper, plastic or cloth. In the old days they used animal hides because they were both strong and flexible. The experienced puppeteer can make the shadow puppets appear to walk, dance and even fight on screen.

Learn to make hand shadow puppets and the history of making shadow puppets and hand puppets. Shadow puppets have a long history and lots of interesting shadow puppet and hand puppet facts exist. These free hand puppet examples are for you to try your hand at creating shadow puppets and hand puppets, and hopefully put on your very own shadow puppet show!

Have you always wondered how to entertain the family when the power goes out? In this technological age when we rely so much on TV and computers for our entertainment it is a challenge to occupy the kids during a power outage.

Why not have some fun and try the ancient art of shadow puppets. All you need is a flashlight and an empty wall. Teach them how to make hand puppets from our individual diagrams.

If you are really talented, you can accompany your shadow puppets with a story or character impressions to make it fun for the whole family. Make the best of a bad situation with some puppet theater.

Puppet Theater

The art of Puppet Theater is fun for all ages!

This ancient form of theater exists in many forms, shadow puppetry being one of the simpler forms of puppet theater. Hand shadow puppets, shown here, is the art of creating shapes with your hands that represent characters or animals which can be used to tell a story to entertain an audience.

Making shadow puppets is great fun! You and your child will be able to explore new ideas and create many different situations with the puppets you make. Creating a puppet with one’s hands empowers a child. Children can act or say things while role-playing that they might not say otherwise. The process of creating new puppet shapes is great fun too! Engage your child and make the experience as interactive as possible. Be creative!

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Images and portions of the text by Henry Bursill and were originally published by Griffith and Farran in 1859.